Gypsy documentaries - Film When the Road Bends, Tales of a Gypsy Caravan - World Music Documentary Film Gypsy documentaries - Film When the Road Bends, Tales of a Gypsy Caravan - World Music Documentary Film
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Gypsy documentaries - Film When the Road Bends, Tales of a Gypsy Caravan - World Music Documentary Film
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Romanian Audence responds

This entry is a bit long, but it's just a small selection of student answers to the evaluation forms we created for screenings in Romania...

Audience Feedback to Gypsy Caravan educational Screenings in Romanian Schools and Cultural Centers

I’ll try and judge each person by his deeds, I won’t generalize based on his ethnicity.
- Tania Larisa Gavriloff, Romanian student

My experience was very special, motivating and full of positive energy. THANK YOU!
- Alina Iordache, Romanian student

A shiver of excitement that lasted for 120 min!!! I would have been so proud if I were a Gypsy! ☺
- Mihaela Kavdanska, Bulgarian visual artist/instigator

I didn’t expect to be so emotional. But I knew it would be a full house. Congratulations! More movies of this kind and other cultural events bringing to public attention the importance of Rroma, would help stop the discrimination against them. - Ela Duca, Romanian student

It made me realize again that God made us equal and we should not forget this.
- Maria Cernatescu, Romanian student

At a certain moment one of the characters says that Gypsy music makes one shiver, laugh and cry, exactly what I experienced while watching this film: I got shivers, I burst into tears and I laughed with tears!!!!! We should get to know deeper their culture to better accept and appreciate them.
- Sabin Rotaru, Romanian student

Screening this film in schools is the first step to improving the perspective of those who discriminate. It’s difficult to change an opinion once it is rooted in the way of thinking of the masses. It’s necessary to present more facets of Rroma life so that the understanding process becomes easier. - Roxana Caragea, Romanian student

Parents shouldn’t tell their children when they are small that, “The Gypsy will steal them,” because automatically the kid will have a bad impression of those people. Some are good, some are less good. They shouldn’t all be thrown in the same pot. - Alina Avramovici, Romanian student

Alone, as one person, you can’t do much to change the situation, but together with someone else, projects like this one could be launched to show the values and traditions of Rroma.
- Andrada Petanec, Romanian student

This film should be watched by all high school students and, if possible, by the rest of the population. Then, it would be good if authorities would deal more with this problem and find a way in which to inform people about the Roma’s culture. - Andrea-Mihaela Popa, Romanian student

The film was awesome. For sure it has changed my opinion about Roma. I will tell many people about this film. For sure it will change their opinion about Roma. - Silvia Ulian, Romanian student

I was stunned. I didn’t expect that a film would change my opinion about Roma, but it did. The film should be screened more often, to show the other side of Roma. - Ana Ciuclea, Romanian student

We can show the real values of Rroma, not just the negative things. This film I think does exactly that, and I think it should be broadcast on national television too. - Alina Gal, Romanian student

Before this event I wished for the continuation of discrimination against Roma, because of those living in my hometown. But now I’m convinced that nomadic Gypsies truly know what life is and fully benefit from it. Even from death. So I propose that this kind of movie should be promoted to show us that real Roma know how to enjoy themselves and that their ways have benefits.
- Andreea E. Lucaci, Romanian student

The film is very well directed and organized. It presents very beautifully the tour they made, and lets us get to know them a bit too. I enjoyed it very much. I think that a lot of people should watch it. Roma are not bad, but different, like everybody else. It is necessary to socialize with them, to become friends so we can communicate and get to know each other. - Cora Bundur, Romanian student

I felt intense emotions throughout the film. I haven’t seen so much passion for music in my entire life. And if the Roma, after the hardships they’ve been through and still are submitted to, can live so happily, we should all follow their example. Unfortunately I don’t believe that all Roma are like those in the movie... Were they to be so, the discrimination rate would be much lower.
- Maria Serban, Romanian student

It was a wonderful experience (entertaining and all that) but foremost educational. We could make people understand that the Roma are people too, for God’s sake! - Diana Prioteasa, Romanian student

This film showed me that the Roma are very valuable, talented people who deserve to be appreciated. We need to learn to respect and treat them as normal people, not like savage beasts. We need to appreciate their musical talent, and not judge them based on their appearances and looks. - Andreea Georgescu, Romanian student

It was a unique experience. I’ve learned a lot about Roma through this film. Roma must be included in certain social integration programs. Not all of them are thieves. Just some, and the world thinks that they are all like that. - Andrei Alecu, Romanian student

I felt compassion for the Roma since they suffered so much because of discrimination. I think that it would be helpful to distribute materials like this, which show that Roma are not as bad as the world believes them to be. - Stefan Manea, Romanian student

It was interesting. Let us convince people that we are honest. - Larisa Zlotea, Roma pupil

I had a lot of fun, as if I was with them. I believe we should be educated. So we shouldn’t make bad and ugly things/deeds. - Alin Vaduva, Roma pupil

It was wonderful. Let’s tell them we are people too. - Amina Raduian, Roma pupil

I was very glad. I want to be the best Gypsy ever. - Carlitos Nicolae, Roma pupil

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